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Body Composition Scan

Screening_centreThe Body Composition Centre is physician owned and overseen. We pride ourselves in our stringent monitoring of quality.


About Body Composition & Body Fat Testing

Your body is made of water, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals, and fat. Too much fat, particularly at the waist, puts you at a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.

Overweight refers to having increased body weight in relation to height while obesity is defined as having an excessively high amount of body fat in relation to lean body mass. Understanding the total body fat as well as the distribution of fat throughout the body is important in assessing overall health.

Popular assessments of body mass include body mass index (BMI), anthropometry (skin-fold measurements), and hydrodensitometry (water weighing). DXA is a safe, more accurate alternative to these methods for body fat and body composition testing.

A DXA scan takes fat mass, lean body mass and bone mass into account, whereas other methods of body composition testing do not take the variable density between muscle and bone into consideration.

Those looking to lose a considerable amount of weight and serious athletes can benefit from the results of a DXA scan. If you would like to book a scan, please contact us.


About DXA Scanning

A DXA scan (formerly known as DEXA scanning) is a low-dose x-ray. In fact, total radiation exposure is less than a daily dose from environmental sources. The DXA scan procedure is relatively quick and generally takes less than seven minutes (depending on body size).

There is no need to prepare for a DXA scan, just make sure you have no metal objects on your clothes. The individual being tested remains fully clothed and lies still in a supine position for the duration of the x-ray.

The scanner arm will pass over your body without touching you. It takes on average around seven minutes to complete the scan. At the end of the study, a technician will provide you with a printout of your results.


Our Team

The Body Composition Centre is physician owned and overseen. We pride ourselves in our stringent monitoring of quality.

A body composition scan requires interaction with a DXA technician. Our Clinical Densitometry Technologists have extensive experience operating the GE Lunar Prodigy instrument, and we are happy to serve you with professionalism and courtesy.