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Why DXA?

A DXA scan is the gold standard in clinical body composition analysis. A total body composition test is fast and easy and relatively inexpensive considering the wealth of accurate, reliable information it yields. Its results have been validated through repeated scientific study and are reproducible.

We all start to lose muscle and gain fat into our twenties, and unfortunately our bathroom scales and mirrors aren’t able to tell us this information.

Results from alternatives to DXA scanning are often misleading, as these measurements are not able to distinguish several factors: gender, age, and obesity or leanness of muscular individuals. Also, other instruments are not able to provide regional body fat values.

That’s why a DXA scan can be so beneficial in helping you to make the best lifestyle choices for your health and fitness. Regular assessments will enable you to monitor changes in your body composition and make suitable dietary and exercise changes.

Remember – body fat matters more than BMI and weight.

Who Benefits?

shutterstock_141362461Body composition testing is important for overall health and for athletic performance. DXA scanning results include lean and fat mass measurements provided in total and by site (arms, legs, trunk).

This information can serve as a tool for athletes whose aim is optimal body composition for the purpose of enhanced athletic performance. Since a DXA scan is reproducible, any future scans will provide accurate fat and lean mass trending information. This is ideal for athletes or individuals in a weight management program who would like to gauge their progress or simply measure their body fat.