We are all familiar with frailty, broken bones, loss of height and the curved back that are often regarded as a normal part of ageing. We now know that in fact these are symptoms of a disease called Osteoporosis which can be prevented if steps are taken earlier in life. 

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Osteoporosis can occur at any age, and can affect men as well as women.

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Dexa ProtectionOsteoporosis Screening Centre

Our professional practice was established in the North-East of Ireland to provide an Osteoporosis Screening Service to the people of the region.
A Dxa Scan is the Gold Standard for diagnosing Osteoporosis. A scan of your Spine and Hip areas are highly recommended.

These areas as well as the wrist are the most frequently fractured areas. Here in our Dxa Osteoporosis Screening Clinic we scan the spine and hips.

What Causes Osteoporosis ?

Bone is a living tissue. There are two main types of cell in bone, the osteoclasts which destroy old bone and the osteoblasts which make newer stronger bone (bone formation). Osteoporosis occurs when there is an imbalance between these two processes. The osteoclasts become more active and the osteoblasts less active so more bone is removed and less formed. People with Osteoporosis lose more bone than they make.

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We offer a highly professional service and our professional staff of qualified nurses are trained Bone Densitometry Technicians and have specialised training in Osteoporosis Management, Dexa Scanning and Radiation Protection. 

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