GP Referral

Your GP/Consultant will ask for information regarding your osteoporosis risk factors  and make an assessment based on a number of factors to decide if you need a DXA Scan.

It is important that a Referral Form is completed for anyone being referred for a DXA  scan.


Referral Form

Please Have your GP/Consultant print off, Complete and Sign the attached referral Form and return it to us. Please note Appointments are only made on acceptance of referral from your GP/Consultant. (click icon link below to open/download form)



Denosumab in the Treatment of Osteoporosis: 10 Years Later: A Narrative Review.

Abstract : The fully human monoclonal antibody denosumab was approved for treatment of osteoporosis in 2010…. 

Full Article

Should denosumab treatment for osteoporosis be continued indefinitely?